Tips for Host Agents

The property should be as spotless as possible, even if that means an investment in professional cleaners and window washers. To make it easy for potential buyers to visualize themselves living there, remove excessive accessories, knickknacks, and personal effects and put pets where they’re least likely to be seen and heard.

The newer and fresher the external environment, like landscaping, paint, mailbox, garage door, and house numbers, the better. A few small touches, like clean towels and flowers, can make the interior feel much more like home. And while it’s an obvious and common theme, it’s still worth repeating. Provide as much illumination as possible, with lights on in every room and blinds open, to make the space as bright and cheerful as you can.

Put out yard signs. A simple sign in the yard is enough to make a big difference in foot traffic — as long as it’s properly placed. Signs should be bright, clear, visible, and stationed on the route a driver would take to the event. Signage is by far the most effective way to increase open house traffic. “Place a huge ‘OPEN’ sign in the front yard.

Boost an ad for the event on Facebook. Paying a little more for a boosted Facebook post can be worth it when you’re placing your event in front of a targeted audience. Boosted Facebook posts can be tailored to behavior, as well as user interest in websites like Zillow and Trulia.

Schedule early in the day and check the weather. Timing and weather is the most important strategies for planning a successful open house. People try to schedule during the late mornings on the weekends when people are out and about running errands or enjoying some downtime.

Schedule during neighborhood events. If a house is in a neighborhood with parks or sporting fields nearby, she searches for events occurring there over the weekend and schedules at the same time for increased traffic.

Use an automated service. ListHub is a service that pushes all Open Houses to mega-sites like and Zillow. To create even more buzz. This service will put an announcement of the open house on the listing details as clients drive by and text for the property information.

Make sure your client’s valuables are secured — if not under lock and key, then far enough out of the way where items are not in danger of being stolen when you’re not watching.

To stay safe on the road and at open houses, you just take the ‘pen cap’ off and spray!” Another safety item is a phone charger, ensuring you are never without power and a GPS tracker.

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