Welcome to Open House Now Services

The Open House Now Platform is an online marketplace that enables home owners or listing agents to publish a property on the Open House Now Platform.

How it Works?

Listing Agents using the option “Get a Quote” from this website, are required to provide a listing number with the date and time of availability with the necessary accurate information details of the property.

Then, Open House Now will communicate and transact directly with Hosting Agent that are seeking to book such Host Services.

Hosting Agents can have multiple partnered sponsors of the Open House, referred to as “Co-Hosts”. These Co-Hosts are there to help manage the Open House, manage and generate leads, and to help cover costs associated to booking and hosting the event.


The owner or Listing Agent can request a quote for only one property at a time. Their requirement would be to provide: 1. Dates of Availability 2. Hours of Availability 3. Address/Property Info 4. Property Pictures 5. Listing agent or owner information

Once the property is accepted and published, Hosting Agents on the portal can choose which days and hours they can host the open house on behalf of the listing agent. The main objective is to have as much of exposure as possible. Several agents can host an open house in one day. If the agent wants to raise their hours they would pay an hourly fee in relation to a percentage of the purchase price and day they choose to host (week days will be cheaper than weekends due to traffic and demand).


Other real estate related companies can participate in Open House Now to also gain exposure. Title companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, inspection properties etc. these companies will be referred to as Co-Hosts and would be sponsors of the Open House. Host Agents that directly work with these Sponsors can associate, collaborate and split costs.

Digital Records

When the even starts agents are required to have a QR code in order to sign in and sign out. This QR code will collect information of the individuals who are hosting or attending the open house. 1. Open House hosts will receive the contact information of the prospects that visited within their hours of hosting 2. The listing agent and property seller will receive all visitors contact information

For the individuals are looking to buy and would like to view which open houses are currently available or soon. They can view the live open houses through website or app and make their way to a property of their preference. The potential buyers who are interested in viewing properties can view live and future open houses in their preferred area.

When visitors entering the house, they would scan the QR code. The agent would receive their contact information and prospect would receive the information of the host and property details through a link via text or email.

This system is to make open houses to reach a broader audience quicker than other conventional means.

Any Question?

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Welcome Realtors/Home Owners!

STEP 1. Select Get a Quote Please submit the form with all property Information for Open House.

STEP 2. A Customer Representative will contact you One of our specialist will contact you in order to verify your information and the property. Once is verified, you’ll have to make the payment via email or phone.

STEP 3. Get ready for the Open House Once the payment is received, we will update our information on the system and schedule for Host agents will be available.

STEP 4. Get Host Agents We will work to have your schedule completed with the best agents.

STEP 5. Receive reports Once the open house is completed, we will send you all reports including host agents and total visitors per agent.